Exhibition text, As Spaces Folds, Companions Meet. Oslo Kunstforening, 2016

In “As Spaces Fold, Companions Meet” folds are a visual and thematic motif. The exhibition also refers to a science fiction inspired interpretation of folded space, which allows fictional and actual characters to meet and be cast into new constellations across time and space. Alienation and hybridisation are recurring traits of the characters populating these works. […]


This text is a transcript of the video-work ‘A World of Our Own’, which uses a narrative to expand on the references in the video, inciting the visual elements of the abstract animated parts.

Text written by Lina Dzuverovic for the Momentum 2009 catalogue

Eline McGeorge’s work revolves around distorted places, spaces and characters and travel or navigation across them. Through abstraction and fragmented portrayal of these locations and characters, the artist engages with the politics and psychology that governs them. Individual titles of McGeorge’s works such as ‘Travelling Doubles’, ‘Ontological Candidate, Navigator’, ‘Departure of a Stranger’, ‘Among Familiar Strangers and […]


Conversation between Eline McGeorge and Hollybush Gardens, on the occasion of Travelling Doubles, 2007.

Letter from Prague, Nov 2004

Artist statement for the catalogue following the touring exhibition Grenseløs/Boundless, Stenersen Museet, Oslo and Riksutstillinger/Nasjonal Museet Oslo ( 2005-2006)